Gateway to Hope University FAQs

General FAQs

What is Gateway to Hope University?

Gateway to Hope University (GTHU) is the training organization of the Hope and Healing Center & Institute. We developed GTHU to provide people with the training needed to help support their communities. We offer evidence-based mental health training and ongoing support to individuals, faith communities, schools, and workplaces. All trainings are offered through our Gateway to Hope University Portal. An introduction to Gateway to Hope University.

Is Gateway to Hope University separate from The Hope and Healing Center & Institute?

Gateway to Hope University (GTHU) is a training program under the Hope and Healing Center & Institute. HHCI is a comprehensive mental health resource that offers education, training, clinical and support services, and research. Learn more at

Where Can I Find Providers in my Area That Can Help Me?

If you or someone you know is facing mental illness and looking for help, go to our website to look for help near you.

How Can I Get Help?

The best thing you can do is call. If you are struggling and just want someone to talk to, the Houston Hope Line is available daily from 5-8pm CST. Call us at (832)-831-PEER (7337). A safe place to unwind for free, 30-minute peer counseling over the phone. You can also utilize this number to get the names of providers who fit your needs. You are welcome to call if you are outside of Texas. For more information on The Hope Line, visit 

Where Can I Find the Training Material?

All trainings are offered through our Gateway to Hope University Portal. Explore our course catalog and start training today! We provide a wide range of courses tailored to different environments. Whether you are part of a faith community, an educator in our schools, or a professional in the workplace, we’ve got the perfect training for you.

How do I Take the Gateway to Hope University Training?

Create an account to gain access to our resources, courses, and more. Join us today at

To take the training, visit our website and click on GTH University Portal and the Explore Our Courses button. There you will find our Training Course Catalog with all the trainings currently available. Click the see more button for the specific training course and click Go to Course to begin your training. You will have access to the training materials and videos. 

The Mental Health Coach Training is offered through our partnership with the American Association of Christian Counselors. To sign up for that training, apply for the Mental Health Coach scholarship through Light University and someone from their team will contact you.

Can Anyone Take the Training?

Anyone over 18 can take our trainings.

What is the Mischer Behavioral Health Resource Center?

The Mischer Behavioral Health Resource Center is an expression of the Mischer Family’s vision to aid in providing access to behavioral health resources and innovative recovery care to those impacted by addiction and behavioral health conditions in the Houston community and beyond.

We are here to provide individuals, communities, organizations, and families with the tools and resources to overcome behavioral health challenges and addiction. Let us provide you with the information and resources to support you or a loved one. Talk with our AI assistant, Grace today. Learn more at

Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions?

We’re here to help if you have any questions. Contact the Gateway to Hope University Team or call us at (346) 335-8700.

Empower Trainings FAQs

What is the Empower Training?

Mental and behavioral health issues can affect anyone, anywhere. Our Empower Trainings are 2-hour trainings where you will be equipped to respond and help those in our communities in mental health distress.  We offer tailored training for individuals, faith communities, schools, and workplaces. All of our trainings and resources are available in English and Spanish.

How Can I Take the Empower Training?

The Empower Trainings are available at The course is made up of individual lessons. They can be taken all at once or based on your schedule. You can complete the online course at any time you would like. The course is compatible with all devices.

Do I Have to Take All 3 Trainings?

No, but each Empower Training equips you with how to respond in different situations. Empower Faith Communities equips you with techniques for identifying mental distress, developing safe and effective situational responses, and building a network to quickly connect those in distress with professional care. Empower Schools equips those working with children in an educational setting to identify signs of mental health distress early. Empower Workplaces equips your team with the tools to recognize signs of mental health concerns in colleagues and foster a supportive work culture. For more information, visit our Course Catalog.

Mental Health Coach Training & Champion Training FAQs

Who Do I Contact if I Need More Information or Have Questions About the Mental Health Coach Training?

We’re here to help if you have any questions about the training. Contact the Gateway to Hope University Team or call us at (346) 335-8700.

If you need technical assistance with the Mental Health Coach Training that is offered as part of a partnership with the American Association of Christian Counselors, please contact Light University directly at or call 1-899-526-8673.

Technical FAQs

Contact Us

If you have any technical questions regarding the Gateway to Hope University Learning Portal, please contact us.